Sunday, March 26, 2006


Wednesday, 22 March, 2006...

Tiffany @ the Bank noted,

"You sign your Name like a Famous

Person." I told her that if she signed

as many beauteous forms as my=self,

her Imprimatur might become just as

florid. Or werds 2 that effect^

Earlier that same day: the ENGINEER

and i sent the Green=Ghost on her

way 2 the next Venue. She didn't want

to leave us, by the sounds coming from

her schtarter---but she wasn't doing

either of us any Good @ all, schleeping

in the out=building. Brave Girl! TO

have travelled so well and fully for 29

(Twenty-Nine) years, One hundred and

Fourteen Thousand (114,000) miles...

[She was followed away by my favourite

werk=bus during skool let=out.] Well,

i have enuf pixtures of that Heirloom.

May the gods of auto RECOVERY bless

her on her flight. VROOM, tap, tap.

[Did i THANK the Engineer, to=day for

helping out 4 good & all? Absolute.]


Thursday, March 23, 2006...It was the

old tires which i threw 2 the curb. Wait!

They weren't even my Tires! Never mind,

i also tosst my Seventy (70) pounds to

the same=self pavement. Excelsior.

Sunday, March 26, 2006/17:58:10:

Wait Again! They don't even pick up

tires any=more. Never Mind~we now

have more than enuf crud for regular

pickup. Maisie made dang sure of that.

Appreciata x100! chekyasoon^

Monday, March 20, 2006


Kay once said,"It looks like a bomb

went off in here." To which i might

currently reply,"Ya shoulda seen the

place afore we set the Fuses!"


Sunday, March 19, 2006---

Yesterday, i shaved the burn=sides;

they just weren't growing in right.

Today, i did the Puxxle

plus ultra & sine qua non. Verity.

Happy Happy to my eldest Nephew.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Monday, March 20, 2006---

And a Happy Happy to Cat as well,

on this new spring day. I sometimes

forget that her special folloes the

othre one, diurnally & often Vernally.

Less=the=never, they represent two

bright flowres in the Fambly garden.

{Statistically, they are approaching

each othre in Age---it's a funny Math

thing} I woulda sent them each a

card but i RECYCLED all the cards!

And who can afford the schtamps?!



Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Tuesday, March 14, 2006...reposit:

Me? i'd rather have doughnuts

than delusions of grandeur.

And the promise of good things

coming thru the postal service.

Which they usually do.

Thursday, 30 December, 2004


0930: wake up

1100: [neighbour], walk market

---milk & bread

1220: [LAWYER], Powre of Atty from


1300: Nurse J, RM


bagel & apple

1500: ask of Notary services on request


1515: Colonel & i ride Home

1600--1630: Colonel watches football

1735: walk Hospital, hang with RM

{maisy & driver super=store, laundromat}

1930: meet Nurse D...

2009: 3 go to dinner.

2222: Kay calls..."it's your turn, son"

^end of re=posit^

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Retainer? Isn't that some=thing you put

in your mouth at bed=time? Regardless,

the ENGINEER is earning his Harp & Halo

in two (2) venues simultaneously. Truly.

{at times we move so fast that Neutrinos

avoid us} To think, when he & i were drip

noses, we were constantly @ odds; now

that we're foundlings, he & i werk well in

Concert 4 good results. Day by Day.

Watch out for them vinegar=babies~they

grow up the Good. --eclectislac--



Monday, March 13, 2006


March 12, 2006...It was a bit Misty

for the men in skirts. But they had

the Parade anyway. Good on 'em.

And speaking of the IRISH, isn't

Notre Dame a cherch in France?

Shouldn't they be called the fighting

Parisiens? It pondres me much.

Title:  Transfer

Mood: prematurely vernal

Music: [cooing mourning doves]

Soop: home=made Chicken Noodle

Puxxle: i missed ONE (1) lettre!

Riddle: "What did the retarded dead

frog have @ the top of his to-do list?"

Monday, March 13, 2006...

I doubt if i'll do the regular brisket

this Year, altho i am very, very Good

@ it. What i do have is the Fixin's for

a BaBa=Chili. Make that a Mexican

Irish vittle just in time for PURIM.

{We have had stranger holiday meals}

Mazeltov & Lochaim! I wish i had a girl

who would release my people from

Bondage. WAIT~i have a bunch of them

who brighten this Page. It's a Mitzvah.

Mean=while & Else---i'm not responsible

for the crasy weathre; my time=machine

is finely tuned. Maybe it's that Mars

Probe searching for AWOL Editors...


Tuesday, March 7, 2006


07 March, 2006...

Thot: «i am remiss of much &

ought to be scolded frequently»

There's a Happy Happy Joy Joy

coming for one of Hane's favoured

ones...The doctors in Hospital were

often perturbed when my niece

Rocky entered those rooms and

the MATRIARCH her=self would sit

bolted upright like a cured leper

from the Testaments! Miraculous

child, first=born of Cat & cleaved to

Hane like an earthbound Angel. For

all her [Rocky's] wild beauty, she

astounds me still...i want HER for my

own best Advocate. Veritas

It was twenty=five (25) years ago,

last month, when i schtood for the

engineer at the Altar of Cat's cherch

and aided them in pledging their

troth. [no worries, i was but a Toddler]

Yet, if it had come 2 it, i woulda

married her myself with Heavenly

substitution. {And, now, where might

we be?!!} Fortunately, BIM had all the

guts & gumption to make it so...And

such a good Party we had! Silver in

my eyes, those perfect passing days.

At times, i am remembering only what

i catch in printed pictures, coming from

each austere source as i find them. In

some cases i wasn't even there, OR far

too busy providing the best Party...and

othre Times, i simply Missed out on

account of my own diverted attentions.

Birthings! Marriages! Burials! Such grand

things in LIFE to see & feel as the spirit

moves...which Fambly Loves^^

Saturday, March 4, 2006


03/03/06...Friday or there=abouts...

There's a dispensation in Canonical Law for

busy persons to sometimes eat meat...

Heck & High Water! i'm boiling chicken bones

for SOOP when i'm not shredding papers.

It's a wonderment i remember to warsh my

scraggly beard & run my woolies through the

LAUNDROMAT...then field those perfect fone

calls from the engineer and the ever lovely

lizard. Never mind~i adhere to the Faiths of

my Progenitors whenever humanly possible.

THEY did it; so can i. ^ Xian prolog^

TITLE: a cold wind blows...

MOOD: hardly hirsute...

NOISE: the scritchedy hard=drive...


3/4/6 If i were the complaining type

[which i ain't], i woulda noticed three (3) things

about the "Provider":

>The price went up...

>No sooner do i clear my in=box than it is

filled half=way again with Junk [not spam]...

>There are still adverts on top of my page!

Granted, in a werld of turmoil, these are small

infractions. YET~they can settle on the clear

mind like so many annoying spidre=eggs.

^End of non=complaint^

NATIONAL News: WALMART decides to allow

customers to fill prescriptions for RU486.

[editorial note: if you're doing your fambly

planning @ a discount chain=schtore, you might

could revise your entire werld View. Perhaps.]

CONGRESS makes busy in off-election Year.

[Twas ever Thus~REGISTER to Vote! People in

restive nations are counting on our best Effort.]

LOCAL News: Michener Art Museum gets

$6 million from couple's estate. [they] loved to

paint but never told anyone of their desire to

support art in Bucks County in such a substantial

way...the couple left an estate of more than $20

million, which they amassed through prudent

investing. (Virginia, retired college professor, 94,

died in 2003; William, retired engineer, died in

October @ the age of 95.) -Hal Marcovitz

In the nature of de mortuis nil nisi bonum, i can

only Posit three (3) things:

>i apparently live in the wrong County...

>as an artist, i shoulda met one of these b'ful

people at least once...

>Artist/Engineers live a good, long Time to be

such bright Angels & prudent investors...

Would that we were all so Careful!



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