Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i'm a ramblin' guy...Tuesdé, August 26th, =8...i totally forgot to celebrate MYDONNA's fiftieth ten (10) days ago. Over=more, it wondrously pondres me that i don't own even a measure of her werk! [no vinyl, no magnetic tape, Nothing] i wish her the best of the next half=century and Pray for her continued success. And the same goes for MICHAEL JACKSON when he clicks half=wise on the 29th; i own two (2) of his signature recordings on black plastic. Off the Wall, he's a Thriller...Hey~SESAME STREET is only turning Forty.

Hurricane Report: FAY was terribly impressif even 'tho she only Proved to be first category. i am sorry she took eleven lives in four landfalls...but she is bringing much needed rain currently to the drought schtricken Mid=South. Now~it's Time to board up for GUSTAV; he could be much werse.

BEIJING! BARACK & BIDEN! i watcht most of the speeches from DENVER last night, when i didn't have to catch up on repeats of Earl. So many people talkt about AMERICA, yet i don't remembre hearing any=body mention the Constitution.  [they^ had to put it in the film about Senator OBAMA on account of he studied 'constitional law']  i'll follo the rest of it here until MINNEAPOLIS and thereafter, keeping my Hopes in check that any of the Participants will orate substantively.

Where in the name of JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER was i?  OH! Yeah~i shtubbed my right middle metatarsal early on Saterdé morning, against the bed=post.  It pained me much and turned quite purple, but a Person who walx twenty (20) miles a week can't afford to baby a bruised toe. Even the doctors don't schplint minor foot injuries any=more on account of they knit and heal with Gravity and natural pressure! But i have iced it a few times and the edema has abated. Happy Feet!

BACH! BRUBECK! BEACH BOYS! in Avance of the Turtle's next breeze=thru, i've added more musik to my drive=hard. {i didn't know i liked jazz so much!} Happy LABOUR dé, as it comes...~slac~

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