Monday, April 28, 2008


«it must be May if we mean to Motor...» May=Day, two thousand and seven, new Epoch. Maisy: it's the name which begins with mu... 

^^ >watch the reposit> ^^

May Second, New Epoch...presently, and soon...  Sunday, April 27th, Eighth year Epochal...Aday, or possibly Fridé is/was my SWEDISH Aunt's birfdé. «older than a buttrefly, younger than a mountain» i am remorseful that i could not travel to her spexial Party...but it was anothre banner Saterdé for collecting Parish yard=waste. HAPPY HAPPY!

Alas~the Turtle was in TAMPA for a Wedding & sister MAISY and BabaLoo were on islands. WE shall have to oughta hold anothre Party for this delightful Aunt afore long. She more than deserves the loving Attention of these^ itinerants. Truth.  Cousine MAISY will celebrate her first Anniversary [with STEVE] on that Spanish holiday i can neither schpell nor pronounce. BUT i remembre the day it happened like it was just last year! CONGRATZ!Meanwhile~iffen i make it to Thersdé, i will make a joyful noise for those Four and a half (4½) schtill communist countries. «Call me when you have no Class» Just what the Determinedly dogged democrats ordered: a FOOD crisis distraction to go along with a FUEL crisis distraction. i knew i shouldn'ta bot one Pound (1lb) of white rice last week!?! i'll willingly take the credit and the blame for both and each, acause i take the mass transit and i feed only my=self. It a*Maizes me that starchy hybrid corn is feeding both guzzling Autoes & sick cattle. Sumpin must cut loose...

J once said, rather cryptically,"Those who have much will be Given more...and Those who have less will find what little they have, Taken away."

Monday, April 28th, was a rainy rainy dé on the Yard, with few customers. Nice break from the last few Saterdays tho! KAY called me from her condo last night; she & the barista represented us well at my Aunt's party, along with cousines ANNE and CAROLE. {my arts Professor from college also celebrated the self same age Achievement & i managed to miss that Party as well! mea culpa} Over=more, i misst filling in one (1) lettre of the NYT cross puxxle--it throws off my schtreak...mayhaps.

~slac'll Catch his=self up Eventual~


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