Monday, May 5, 2008


Notes in Passing...Thursday, May 10th, And7 There was a horse=race which STREETWISE won.  But~the KENTUCKY contingent was with us at the Wedding Party! [Groper, Matt & Jay=Jay elected to wear Western schtraw hats.] Whither go the withers? There will be other races to be sure...

Sunday, May 4th,'s a HAPPY Anniversary and CINCO de MAYO for Maisy and Steve, but a bittre sweet running of the Roses.  Big Brown won but the placer, Eight Belles, had to be put down on account of breaking both front ankles. It surely is a sorrowful thing when a noble animal, born and bred to perform at optimum, is euthanised after doing its Best. G save the equine and plant in our hearts a fervent Desire NOT to run them so hard. Hope for Horses...

Monday, Cinco de Mayo, o8...There were also ponies on the Athletik field today. One of them was white.  The Parish yard was none too busy for a Mondé & my friend GARY brang me an italian hoagie just around Five.  i got off the inbound W in the old neighbourhood and lookt at the hovel.  There are ornamental flowres in the front yard & a long ladder going to the top terra cotta roof.  Neighbour JEFF was palavering with his back=alley neighbours as i engaged him in a short conversaxion about Life north of my preternatural environs.  {it is not strange for me to Travel thus, as i am connected to the Universe in its entirety} i have scored the latest NYT Sundé puxxle & yesterdé, i completed the March 23rd one 100% [perfekt].  i will schpeak to othre matters in the coming Days. ~slac~

NB: sister MAISY will have a Happy on Wezné... «old enuf to drink & VOTE, far too Young to collect the social security»


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