Saturday, July 26, 2008


Saturday, July 26th, e8... A quick date=up, publisht as the bug and bird report: Wezné, a baby robin visited me at the boof, on account of its nest fell outta one of my pine trees during a rain=fall.  Acause there was also a fire=call on the Parish [an alarm intermittently goes off in the Publik Werks building] AND i do not carry fresh bugs nor worms in my Mandibles... i simply encouraged the fluffy nestling to hop off the asphalt until one of its parents came to rescue it. {i do such things for the simple Reason that my own wings ain't fully formed at this late=date} Aday, a wasp decided to impel itself undre the left shouldre of my black a=shirt in the boof, during a lull in the Action.  Needles=to=Say: it schtung or bit me AND i more or less killt it for its Impudence. This!^ i only do when what i thot was a gnat turns out to be a papre=schtealing flying ant! Perhaps i was rash to do it, BUT exoskeletal creatures out=numbre us by a Factor of 100 or more.  {bees will make a come=back} Regardless of much~i shall try to pay closer Attention to the small creatures which accrue & attend to me. 

~robin=rescuing Yet wasp=wasting slac~

NB: i don't publish on Sun=Day...

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