Friday, May 30, 2008



MOOD: fastidious OR nearly so

NOISE: lawn=mowers & schtring Trimmers, berdsongs & rammy skool=chi'dren

WIDEO: the Daily Show has retourned & that's a good thing. Also PBS & Food Network variously

PUXXLE: i totally gefutzled the one from last Diaz de los Madres, missing up to thirteen (13) lettres in one corner. It happens.

SOOP: i've put up a CHICKEN one which schtill requires noodles and potatoes for fullness

MEMORY: the great ones are graduating onward too fast...Mrs. LOVING, ALBERT HOFFMAN, ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG, DICK MARTIN, HARVEY KORMAN.  «I want you to seduce & abandon the Sheriff of Rock Ridge. Can you do it?» Miss KAHN,«Is Bismawk a hewwing?» There is Comedy, Art, Science and Love in paradise for sure. And never any tears...

TEXT: Thursdé, May 29th, e8...werking back=wise from the Lawn i trimmed todé: PHIL the busdrifer took four (4) of us on quite the Aventure yesterdé on the inbound W.  He misst the ramp off the major Expressway and even managed to conduct us to a road with no outlet. First time i've ever ridden a city=bus in Reverse! Matter=the=not, PHIL was making good Time & fixt his minor mistake. PLUS+, We=all got to experience the D'Ville western bypass.  Tuesdé night, there was a rathre pleasant thundre schtorm which did not deter the ball=basers on the near field [not an organised game].  Ozone! CAT & the kidz invited me to their barbecue on Mondé, but i declined as i was about to mop my kitchenette floor.  {i do this^ when my calloused footsies beginto schtick to it much=too=much} Fine living...SunDay & SaterDay, i palavered from my parapet with my under=schtair Neighbours and the toddlers who came to visit them briefly. [ANDREUS & DIANA are delightful little ones, related to ROSE.]  It's nice to co=habit with pleasant People all=to. Truth.  i could go even more back=wise from there, but it might could cloud my strainèd brain. Aday, lata, i'll probly ketch up on my Schpelling via contest...

Comment early & often~~slac~~



sunflowerkat321 said...

Was it Phil's first day?

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata>  Phil is an old hand on the bus routes...he was just
having a Pleasant time drifing us back into the "town".  [the drifers
switch Paths, periodically, and it was new to him, Presently]  ~Author~


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