Thursday, September 25, 2008


Life is all open format to me, Truly. Currently.  Yet more random notaxions as prologue...Perhaps, *they* are repaving the local roads for the imminent retourn of the Turtle. That's just as good a theory as any. There is hand sanitizer in my shunky! [there's a shunky in the Path betwixt the slac=shack & the schtate road where i catch the in=bound; i rarely use it]  Now, where have i put my Higg's boson? i know i just set it down near here. There are a good many anagrams for the complete Name of the Alaskan Vice-presidential candidate; i believe i did Yesterdé's puxxle perfect. i also tried to remain Awake for that SHATNER show...i'm sure i'll catch it when it re=broadcasts six (6) weeks from now. The radio & the reels are my Trust werthy companions. Where in the name of POLLY PERRETTE did i put that G particle?!

TITLE: You can Never have too much Helium

TEMP: 70° indoors, kinda the same out=of=doors

MOOD: funky, with a side of Austerity; friendly

MUSIK: economyx on NPR & random IshPod tunes

NOISE: crickets and tree=frogs, in Autumn

OCCUPANCY: 75%...the girls moved out

PRESSURE: 109/62, 82 bpm in a Steady State

WIDEO: House re=run OR the Daily Show

SOOP: not currently, but i'm sussing one out

HAER: crasy wavy, thin & unmanageable

THOT: «i shoulda took up Accounting in high skool and college; if for no othre reason than to explain what these greedy preeks have been doing with natural money in the 'financial sector'.»

Text: Thersdé, Septembre's a ponderance that i've gotten an absentee ballot in the mail; i live here, i vote here. Covering the bases...  The 'wild bunch' who play free=style on the athletik fields have switcht from random baseball to random football [with the oblong pigskin]. It means they have to gathre more Players. Twould be more interesting if they had to play Association ball=foot OR an English scrum. Into the twilight.  {when slac isn't writing about Schports, he neither writes about PolyTryx} Regardless~it's a Happy rememberingdé of the Colonel's nuptials! He chose a remarkable bride a few Years back.

More=and=betta astride the weekend, ~slac~

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