Tuesday, September 30, 2008


All the youngest chi'dren hugged & kisst me fiercely; they also enjoyed calling after 'UNKABOOEY' [though to LIAM & TARYN i am technically First-Cousin UnkaBooey!] It was an especial delight to look after the little ones, even when they had their natural troublesome tantrums. HECK, some of the adults had their Moments too & i suffered them just as well! Ah--the stories WE will collectively tell about that week on MAISY's beach with all our Hearts co=joined... ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ~previously unpublisht material~of the Beach=Bash °6~

Tuesdé, September 30th, °8...i made chili for the Holydé. [which is neither kosher Nor muslim!?] i'll make up for it in a future life. And~here are the things which actually happened yester=day: i met an older man at the outbound bus=stop who rides a bicycle. It lookt retro but is modern.  He played his musique on a walkman® type machine. WE were joined by a regular passenger [a tall, black fellow] who askt me to buy an extra day=pass he purchased that morn.[there is not yet an underground economy in bus=passes]   i shared a bench on the bus with a blonde fine artiste going to the College BLADE just graduated from. Her ishpod was a model greater than mine. The bus=drifer was training on the Route, but she droppt me well off, acause i have taught the senior driver How close i need to jump to get to werk.

The ride 'home' is equally crowded if more dusky; the sun retreats more Northerly & apace. i saw ED & MARYANN again in their vanilla SUV, passing thru the old N'hood; i also confabbed briefly with JEFF on his porch. Something about how all the Rain on SunDay making it perfect to clean my APT. {i don't always jump off from werk in my former Environs; the Conveyance just happens to run along that fine schtreet} i encountered a dead pigeon on my upwise walk, black & white on the Cement and clearly devoid of any natural Avian essence. i don't believe in harbingers NOR omens and Always to prefer to see birds on the Wing, but i rather console my=self with the werds of YESHUA: «Not the smallest one of these Falls from the Sky that YOUR Guardian does not see; How more Precious are YOU than the little ones thus cared for?» {it informs my Regard}

Yet~i also found a Penny on the macadam of my Feet.  The TAO of the DOW did not so much plunge on the News from Washington...it only Happened that because the short sellers were Constrained, they turned into long Sellers!  {no=one in that^ werld should consign me an Index} Oy.

Politically: a young man askt me up=town todé if i was Registered [yes], "change of Address? change of PARTY?"  [no], "so You have a card?" [yes {actually two (2) cards}] "And who are you Voting for?" [i can't tell you That; secret ballot, y'know]...i'm glad there are such people as Actifly involved in the current Process! Amorro~who knows?


karynetaylor said...

Hi Slac!

Long time no hear. Things OK here, I know I sort of dropped out of the scene...

check me at karyn.taylor@gmail.com or this AOL thing karynetaylor@aol.com

sunflowerkat321 said...

Slac...do you have plans to set up a new blog home?  If you do....please let me know.  I would really love to stay in touch with my Allentown/Jland friend.

Hugs and love -

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata Flowre=Sun & Karyn>> and All my Adherents...
the Mode may change & morph yet the Curious Caring Content
will same=the=remain!  {who could Right/Write the Werld without
Gracious, beauteous Friends?}  i'll apprise & avise as this^
Page moves on=ward...   ~slac~


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