Tuesday, September 16, 2008


SundyDé, Septembre 14th, Epochal & Eight...«it was a hunnert years ago to=day, General TREXLER told the band to play...» Apologia to the remaining Beatles^ i wandered to the park on account of i wanted to join in this historicle Occasion. Plus+, i don't get to hear enuf brass instruments in my middling Life.  The MAYOR gave me a raspberry Popsicle®.  it was a hot enuf dé for it, all=togethre! 90°  {sometimes a Sun=Day aventure is as simple as a walk to the park} Trees and a Fountain.

And speaking of History...[o9.i6.o8]

25 years ago: beginning of the big bingo & all that went with it; 9/19~my elder bro appears briefly on the CBS evening news

20 years ago: running & calling bingo, makingrecordings in the cellar. 9/23~all=skool Reunion at my former Elementary skool

15 years ago: disemployed by the bingo

10 years ago: fetch peaches for & with the widowed Matriarch; adminstre the Trust

5 years ago: collecting autumnal yard=waste; reading the many Glows on Kay's com=pooter

3 years ago: mourning Hane in the hovel, cleaning the Parish offices with Monica

2 years ago: vow=renewal at Camp Maisy

Last Year: dancing at a wedding on the Coast

Yesterdé~which was Mondé and merry mild: Customer & good friend, GARY, snatcht me up from the Yard and drove me to his haus in the Parish. He has wanted to treat me to a home=made dinner at his Locale for a coupla seasons now. Acause~his significant othre, VICKY, is an Xcellent cook! {i've previously enjoyed Her meat=loaf & sauered pork} WE dined in the garden al fresco on marinated, grilled Chicken with fettucine carbonara & schteamed brox/cauli/carrots. Altho the clouds occluded the setting=sun, it was a fulfilling and delicious social meal all=to with XM radio floating upon the late summer Aer.  it is my grand luck to meet & know so many Gracious persons in my medially unAuspicious Days! And~i'll send out my Fortuitous favours outwise to the people in GALVESTON & those environs acause They need it more than i...

Amorro will bring a new dé, with new History for all=of=us to Progress into. ~gobox~slac~

Wednesday, September 26th, 2and7... i'm back in the swing of things. OR some semblance of that. Which also means i'm three (3) days behind the rest of the werld!  Oh, well~i'll think of something better to post amorro after i make my chicken gravy. ~autumnalSlac~

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