Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Open Records! Legislatif Reform! Even a constitutional convention would be nice.  Let's keep they feet to the fire^ *rant*  Oh, never mind~it's just a thing. ~slac~   ^reposited from Septembre Fourth, °7^

Tuesday, September Second, °8...and i Expect no less from SARAH PALIN and the operatifs in Minnesota...this Election will turn on who does and does not get the Constitution of these United States.  [enuf of the Polytryx for now] GUSTAV was not KATRINA, but he did cause great suffering & death in his passage...i pray as always for the mitigation of pain.  More locally, presently & personally: the Turtle made a grand visit to the Walley, as brief as was, to attend the Graduaxn of BLADE from the Community College with an Associate's Degree in computre grafix. {i went as the Proud uncle} We love BLADE for doing this, becos he is a wonderfully talented Young man who can rise to his potential with scant effort. Did i already say i was a proud uncle?? His sister has the same Attributes--coulda been the breeding. Onward, Young ones!  {i'm schtill getting my skooling in so many venues; one Day, i may finally learn}~proEdukationle~slac~

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