Tuesday, July 15, 2008


There was holydé congestion on the roads in DELAWARE, but we wriggled around it mostly. ^reposited from recent^ Tuesday, July 15th... the brothers have recovered from the Sojourn and have settled into Walley Wisitation mode.{There is so much to do, here, actual=presently}The engineer is fixing each and every doubtful thing and machine in his inimitable manner, including the faulty/fickle fuel=forcer on the black beauty. [she< reminds me of the green ghost on either of their best dés!?] The screendoor leading to my lanai is functioning Perfekt!

Meanstwhile, in the larger werld~money is Tight, Xpecially for the national banking industry [we cannot call it an out=bail] AND the legislateurs from PENNSY who found themselves in cuffs 'cos they believed Our cash belonged to them to do with whatever they pleased [we can call this^ bonusgate]. Corruption begets corruption...even in a Democratik administration; ask the Governor. id est, after the Lama leaves & after the amazing National Conventions leading to the general elect, Keystoners schtill must hold a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION to clean haus, hoping it leads to a federal Constitutional Convention. {i am a small Person with small ideas} Thank G i ain't politicle. 

~an every=day slac~

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