Thursday, July 10, 2008


Toward the Transformation of All things.  Mood: breezy, not tornadic Sound: street noise Thot: "My garden is not as good as many others..."

Reposit! i don't even have a garden, currently. Thorsday, July 10th, and8...LHAMO THONDUP is coming! TENZIN GYATSO is coming! The DALAI LAMA is coming! {CAT is going to see him and i am jel.} JESSE HELMS did not have as good an Independence day as the rest of us. i pray he sleeps well. Truly.

HOLIDAY TRAFFIK, part three...Notes in closing. There was a pool at the first motel We stayed at, overnight, in Virginia Beach; we didn't schwim in it. "Enjoy the Joy of Others", read a cherch marquee near the dismal swamp. ALAN & LAURA, MAISY & BABALOO arrived nearly simultaneously at the motel in Carteret County. ALAN brot me a sombrero from Mexico which i didn't remembre asking him for. It's a little small for my skull, but it is less=the=none a prized possession that i will cherish ever On=ward. OH! When the Colonel first joined us in KATE's suite he noted the Presence of the Fierce Five and said,"Watch out for the lightning strikes." Later, he turned down an offer of cold wine [the Virginians, Kate & Harry, won't travel without vino] by saying,"Only ifya spell wine, B.E.E.R." i accommodated. At the DIVE dinner, i sketched a seating chart like i always do; Kate made sure i shared it with LAURA. {i also showed it to each table's senior membres, in case they wondered about my note=taking} Cousine SARAH challenged me to arm=wrassle at one of those pool parties. i lost first with my right arm & then with my left, but i won a right rematch.

Somehow~Rocky achieved an Xtra breakfast on the dé of the Party, even 'tho she schlept in. It's a mischievous Fortune which rarely visits the Lazy. The dee=jay at the cherch=hall played DANNY BOY by BING CROSBY, of course. Out of my range... The infants were delightful--cousine Maisy's LILAH and cousine Shannon's FINN. These^ precious ones will be hosting Parties such as this when i am Past caring about 'em. Eh~it's the natural cycle of things. {i wondre what, if any=thing, they will remembre they=selves about Independence Dé millennial8}The Lucius J. Kellam, Junior bridge-tunnel was clear andbright on the southbound & only a little hazy on the northbound. We (four) did schtop to admire the SEAGULL PIER and its riprap on the journey Home. Once again~othres will Amembre greater and bettre schtories of the traversement. Twas Ever Thus! ~the slightly less humidified, ~slac~

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