Monday, June 16, 2008


Altho' i'm not given to following the punditry, i believe i shall miss TIM RUSSERT on account of he wasn't very Xtreme toward either side. G speed^  Yesterdé was flag day, but i was busy, busy at the Yard uberfilling the bins with storm damage and what=not. AND, making stern Correxions to the infrequent 'Independent Thinkers' who clog the lines with a sense of entitlement. {werk smart not hard, i often say} Schteamy saterdé.  i pledge Allegiance to my Flag, and the republic for which it stands~One Nation,indivisible, with Liberty & Justice for All.  Bueño Dìaz de Los Padres, evybody! Dads are wonderful to have around the House, Xpecially iffen they Paid for it. [the Haus]  My Pop continues to molecularly reassemble betwixt the STRAITS OF HORMUZ and the AMAZON DELTA...with scant atomic visits land=wise thru evaporation & condensation.  But i know Xactly where the old Salt's bride is Reclining...i'll see 'em bof in raptureThe stimulus money that King George sent me has long been schpent on odrinary things.  Three (3) gasoline Companies have mailed me pre=approved appliqués for credit cards...very nice for some=one who currently doesn't own a horse=less carriage! {slac lives to bus}  Monday, June 16th, and8...we did quite well again today filling the roll=offs. [Mondé is rarely this active] The chipmunk was waiting for me at the Office--the main one, not my boof.  The rain held off until i got Home to recycle my own schtuff. JASON was watching a ball=base game from his parapet and i'm not sure if the young ones got the game "all in". No matter, TIGER WOODS had a remarkable game of his own. Oh! PORTIA de ROSSI and MISTER SULU are getting married! [just not to each othre]  Cooler weathre Amorro...>slac<


sunflowerkat321 said...

I wasn't alerted to this entry until your email.  Hmmm....that's odd.  I'll reset.

I sat and tried to figure out what you'd done to get Amelia on the left side of the dock.  I knew she didn't get up and move....




slacbacmac said...

Appreciata flowre=sun> Acause i do things back=wise,
the Beast often gives me the Bump.  No matter~i get Around
as i go around.  [ooooold jernal]  Yes~i simply flippt the foto,
with my Visual dyslexia  ~Author~


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