Friday, August 1, 2008


Much will happen for Good to this, my Fambly, in the CAULDRON of anothre Year of Changes...

~theWild-Rider~slac~ ^reposit of August °7^

Friday, August First, °8...a very nice dé all=to.  The engineer had barely Retourned from the beach [camp Maisy] and othre Places afore he had to pack up black beauty and motor Yet again to anothre Assignment. {it is ever=good to have him around, even briefly} Happy Travails...

After he done went~i had my own Adventure at the Doctors' office. It was also all=the=good.  The blood i gave so Exorbitantly last week is normal for all markers. Nurse Susan [a pretty one] conducted an electrocardiograph which also Aced the scale; she also Complimented me on being less than HIRSUTE. "You're so lucky; you don't get the free waxing." As i climbed the hill near the old Hovel, i encountered my former Neighbour JEFF & his youngest dafter's blond puppy. We^ palavered for Moments.  He told me that the current occupants of the manse have a mastiff which barks too much after hours...aren't these the Dog=Days??  The hovel is much Improved, tho i rarely wandre down this far to see it. Bright sun=shine...

Hang tight~the Humidity is retourning AND i never Publish on the shabat. ~normalslac~

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