Saturday, August 9, 2008


National polytryx: the Nomination which will never end...HILLY, BILLY & CHILLY have decided to forge ahead all the way to the Convention in COLORADO. ^5.9.8^repost  POLITICLE QUOTE: «It has been an Honor to contest these Primaries with him.» [subtext: Hilly is holding her Delicates until the CONVENTION, acause she has a metric which blows off the Caucuses & all her people are telling her She can prevail in DENVER! DENVER!] ^6.6.8^repost  Friday, Eight=Eight=Eight...i have really got to learn not to throw gasoline upon a conflagration.  My summer endorsements can only include BOB BARR [for righties who think McCain is too squishy] and RALPH NADER [for lefties who believe 'change' can come from a Chicago pol]. My actual Vote is up for brags...

TITLE: Sometimes The Title is The Text

MOOD: Olympian by proxy; mildly muscular & keen

NOISE: STEVE MARTIN on my ish=pod??

SOOP: a scoche of ham=bean, yet, some frozen

WIDEO: A Shark Tale, currently...caught up on Monk

WEATHRE: Sunny and mild, low humidity, breezy, 80°

NATURE: a baby rabbit visited the boof today but didn't consume the carrot i tosst it. [so much for Bigs Bunny]  Also~i encountered a black kitten on my meandre home; it ran across a busy road, but came to no harm, Thank G.

THOT: «if i continue to borro music from the Liberry, my hard=drive should be full of tunes by Twenty-Ten»

MEMORIAM: G needs all kinds of people, for sure...BERNIE MAC and SOZHENITSYN are well=met.

~more and better Mondayish~slac~

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