Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sunday, August 19th, and7...my favourite feature of my i-Job is how i can turn the Power off in the middle of a song; my least favourite feature of the shuffle is the headset cord.  >sometimes a reposit is randomly Predictif> the TURTLE report: the Engineer is werking and living in ELVIS' second home, Las Vegas. Viva!  Weather Report: good jazz=fusion groop. {i now haf one of their cee=dees on my Drive}

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008...Yesterday was my Lucky dé. Not only did i find 12¢ on my wanders thru the Walley, but also my mail=box was fillt with incoming cheques! {This should happen more and more often as i aventure Positifly} Good things build on Good things...on SUN=DAY, we held a Grand party for Cat's Mother's birfdé... she was genuinely surprised on that Moment. Thirty (30) fambly members, friends & intimates came togethre Perfectly for the occasion, and We consumed fine Beverages [sodas] & victuals.

i have been folloing the National & Intranational Polytryx AS WELL as the Chinese Olympyx...there is much to celebrate for Good and much to ignore as bad & awful. Twas ever Thus. More will come to same as it is. But i hold in my memory the werx of ISAAC HAYES and JERRY WEXLER.{the musique of Life is forever hearable}

Soop Report: i need to buy a chicken carcass...~up=catching slac~

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