Friday, June 6, 2008



MOOD: basely Optimystic, infrequently desperate

NOISE: the dish=warsher, a scirocco breeze

WIDEO: random cartoons & the French Open

PUXXLE: somebody tell WILL & LIZ GORSKI that i did the June 1st 'Spy Glass' puxxle perfect...

SOOP: potatoes and noodles haf been up=put

MEMORY: SYDNEY POLLACK, YVES SAINT LAURENT, ELLAS BATES [bo diddley], war & disastre casualties, RFK & MLK [forty years on], the boys on the Beach at NORMANDY [more than sixty years on]

POLITICLE QUOTE: «It has been an Honor cont├Ęsting these Primaries with him.» [subtext: Hilly is holding her Delicates until the CONVENXN, acause she has a metric which blows off the Caucuses & all her people are telling her She can prevail in DENVER! DENVER!]

TEXT: Unit #2 is in Play, again. The CHERRIES have just moved up the schtreet~an Avancement for them.  [ROSE gave me a bottle of cabernet Sauvignon and a box of Farina® from their cupboards as they left...there were three (3) ball=base Games going on.] Aday, Thersday, June Fith--the landlord showed the APT to an interested & interesting Couple as i wandered down to the market. We're gonna have a heat=wave...Friday, June Sixth, and8...i just figgered out why the skool=chi'dren is getting out early! Their academic year is nearly over. i hope they have a wise & wonder filled Summer season. Veritas ~briefly-slac~

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