Tuesday, July 8, 2008


- - - - - -repost- - - - -Ack! i sure was full of myself 365 days ago. On the [number] anniversary if i recall correctly. I've mellowed.[Monday, 11th of July, 2005]

Tuesdé, 8th of July, 2008...


MOOD: slightly out=worn

NOISE: cd/radio in black beauty

WEATHRE: Hot & schticky, 86°f

NOTE: [That torch i did is making the rounds, again. Happy Anniversary!]

THOT: "But it's not a contest."

TEXT: There We were, on the hottest dang day of the year, cruising on an eight=lane SuperHighwé in Delaware...i'm gonna skip that part and remembre instead the delightful lunch that Brittany served us at José's Border Café. We were four (4) south=bounders on the Thersday before INDEPENDENCE Day.  The engineer piloted and i navigated while Rocky & Blade entertained their selves in the backseat. Timely.

We departed VIRGINNY bright and early on the Fourth and made it to Carteret County afore noon. i was Determined to schwim in that motel pool; little did i suss that COUSIN MICHAEL would ferry us to the Silver Creek motel as well. *splush*  Later~27 hungry fambly membres swarmed over a country bar called The Dive [the Hard Times Café].  {cook had to be re=called}

It is Possible to sleep four persons to a room with inflatable beds, but it is very much like bunking in a Japanese tea=haus. *zzzzz*

In a CAROLINA cherch=hall, on the second hottest dé of the Year, a conglomerate of Daniel Henry's friends and relations fêted himself on the Remembrance of his Entrance.  {i will not say how young my Uncle is, but there was probly one guest there for every year of his life!} And we danced, fervently, after consuming barbecue & Fried chicken.  Also~there was a slide=show AND short emotional speeches for the birfdé boy that rarely bordered on tears. [i spoke for the Fierce Five]. Then~yet anothrepool partyMore amorro about the Sundé drive Home...  ~five colony slac~

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