Friday, August 22, 2008


Thursday, August 21st, °°8...Yesterdé was the Anniversary of TODD's parents [pop and step=mom, the subterfuge which brang Cat's mom to her own birfdé Party]. Congratz!

Aday is the thirty=seventh (37th) Memorial of MAISY & LOO's nuptials. Amazing! They should schtay togethre anothre 37 Years...[Jay & Jen share the very same wed=a=day]  Sister KAY celebrated her birfdé quietly & on the move, in the middle of Vacation; it's like her to sneak those moments in. Joy!

My=self, to=day~i mowed the Widow's lawn for money to buy coffee, eggs & chips...i went three (3) days without moka but no actual harm has come to my Constitution?!  The Apt building is fully occupied again, with a pair of lovely ladies diagonally down=stairs.  {i haven't met them bof, but the ground floor is eminently mo' interesting than the upper rooms} Friday, 22nd of August, of Eight...MOKA! MEDS! i travel on the out=bound J & the in=bound A to pick up my scrips and such. My pressure at the Grox=schtore was 125 systolic, 84 diastolic pulsing 84 BPM...the person Afore me had a pulse of forty=six?!  Now~that's relaxt. Hadda be the shopping. ~peripatetic slac~

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