Monday, June 23, 2008


Truth be told...i like wading in the shallow end of the collectif Pool. Floating lazily, not splashing the other children unduly...{It's a fine Day to posit the Schwim theme} ^reposited^

SunDé, June 22nd, `8...Cuddie GARY was aside his=self yesterdé on accounta the quarry he likes to visit has fallen into Private ownership. Officer EDWARD askt me about my bus=schtop on accounta the Young man retourning a lost purse at the grox=schtore may've lifted a camera and a fone=cell from it. [i personally believe the items mighta disappeared while the hand=bag was alone.] Fame! Notoriety!  They^ come at me unbiddenèd while i go about my odrinary bidness in the grasping view of surveillance machines! Co=werker CLEM was kind enuf to drop me in Town after anothre busy Saterdé. ROCKY called me later to make sure i made it Home...{such an Angelic niece all should have}

Of gourse~the chippy also made its Presence known. i left it a coupla veggies for its hollow cheeks. There is a new young couple in the lower Apt; i've met them bof by natural Accident. i prefer to have some noise undre my feet, rather than Quietude.  A very productif & remarkable first Summer weekend, i think. Many blessings...

Monday, June 23rd, oh=eight...what will we do without GEORGE CARLIN to point out our collectif Ridiculosity? i spose we'll manage.  The bus was not crowded todé but the AC was icy cool. At least on the inbound. The chippy saw me off in the woods for the outbound. [it ate the carrot i gave it but left the celery alone] My neighbours in unit #2 are Young & bright. Iffen the wind dies down and the rivers settle, i believe it's gonna be a good summer. Happy Joy, Turtle!   ~tannable slac~

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