Tuesday, November 4, 2008



1) The colour of schtates will Morph.

2) two (2) Filadelfia teams will go all the

way...owing to the Weathre.

3) One Party rule will fall out of favour

within Days OR weeks OR months; i had a

Dreme the Conservatifs would re=group.

4) Results will be argued by Attorneys.

5) certain Glows will have been Lost.

Meanwhile, here in the key=stone,

my election message is unchanged.

My name is slac and i was thinking of endorsing this

message, until i realised it was half=way a load of crud.

Never mind~Commentors can Advise me That they voted,

just don't tell me how... electoralSmooches^^

Tuèsdé, November Fourth, °°8...the Voter afore me was

a Viet Nam Veteran; some=how i forgot to thank him for

his Service to the republic. Yet, then again, i also neglected

to acknowledge the civic=minded Citizens who voted after

me! {Truth: it makes me glad when the polls and the buses

are equally well Attended} Amorro~the results... ~slac~

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