Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Where in the name of Sarah Drew was i? OH~Yeah...mind the Tenses. It was hotter than the hasps on the hinges of Hades. [The day was Sultry.]  [^reposited & edited>...]

Friday, June 10, 2005...Has anybody else noticed the gas=lines reminiscent of 1973?  People are waiting in two deep lengths to fill up their tanks in the Heat of the day. [That's bad 4 the ground-lying Ozone.]  Less=the=never, it's long past time for us to cogitate these impending scenarios. Energy!  My Pop knew it was finite when he graduated college. Ever more the much=so today.

Tuesdé, June Tenth, and8...on Saterdé, i saw two (2) carcasses on the Way home--one a Possum and t'othre a Deer. The flies were Feasting. {all Flesh fails} Yester, my Parish thermometre read 111°.  [it's mounted on my chain=link fence, in direct sunlight.] Needles to Say~i consumed plenty of ice water & Avoided old man SOL!  At least the bus=rides were Free.  OH! And Master chipmunk made several Appearances for fun...The Eastern oppression should end tonight. ~cool=as=cuke~slac~

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