Friday, May 16, 2008


Thursday, May 15th, and8...


Polytryx: 7% of West Virginians believe JOHN EDWARDS [the Senator] should be President of the United States. Oops!  He just endorsed BARACK OBAMA. But there are plenty more places [including Puerto Rico] left to express their opinions in the 'eternal nomination'. Also~there will be myriad independent choices come Novembre...RON PAUL, BOB BARR, MIKE GRAVEL, etcetera. {can it be hoped that the non=constitutional Conventions won't interfere too much with the CHINESE Olympyx?} Electoral Entertainment!

Natural & not so Natural distastres: i mistakenly believed the weathre's been bad in the Walley. Things are way worse elsewhere. In addition to the on=going crisis in MYANMAR, there has been horrific Devastation from an earthquake in the SICHUAN Province. Thousands have lost their lives...thousands more have lost their Homes. State=side, our own spexial cyclones continue to wreak havoc in the deep South along tornado alley And FLORIDA has experienced wild=fires.  Mother Nature can be cruel in a big wé.  {some blame Global warming, while othres call it 'climate change}   My Heart aches.

The epistler Paul had encouraging werds on these subjects^^ Faith, Hope and Love...of which, the greatest is Love.  ~theHope=Full,slac~

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