Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It took us all week to fill up

the roll=offs...sometimes in

twinkling darkness. ~11.29.4~

Tuèsdé, December 2nd, °°8...

Apparently, according to the Haulers,

i wasn't supposed to collect yard=waste

yesterdé. They absconded with four (4)

of my roll=offs! {their contract is under

negotiation} it'll shake out soon.

Aday~i filled in the puxxle, ran the dish

machine & rode three (3) buses around

the town. At the credit union, i flasht

my licence; the telleress was surprised

it had the hovel address. Then, i rode

to the Library to trade my cee=dees.

{my hard=drive is filling up with funky

albums} As i trundled home=wise on

Cedar Avenue, a cute brunette caught

me boppin' & singin' to a STEVIE WONDER

tune on my ishpod; she askt how i was.

i told her i was fine, then pointed to my

bud=ears. i've probly seen her Afore...

i have put up a chili that needs garlic,

onion and celery; i must remembre to

wipe the deliciousness off my pitiable

goatee. These^ are a werk=in=Progress.


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