Monday, October 6, 2008


Who is not surprised that i did the puzzle perfekt? Never mind.

Bolton, Brown & bolsheviks, i am behind the National News!

Kindness will breed kindness as They & We hold strong [to] the Ideal.

[pick a point on the globe where the infrastructure is tattered.]

*entry* SunDé, Octobre Fith, °8: Two (2) very pretty girls askt me again today if i were registered to VOTE. I told them,"Yes~I have two (2) Cards, one for each Party.  { i love schtunning those who are also schtunning} Later, i noticed by plasma=screen that the Phils and the Eagles were both & each up!   A miraculous Millennium!

i'm letting my Beard grow in for the Election AND for my divorce from the Glow=Land pages...

Mondé~this morning, on the South fence of the Athletik fields, i saw a mother hawk and her hawkling.  {They^ like me, prefer to perch on a high=place and observe the werld}  Werk went well with Woolies; it has become chilly enuf for them. GARY brot me an italian hogie; it was delicious.  My VIRGINIA advocates contacted me last night by *voip* and offered me the many generous gifts; i shall repay them with equal Gracious Mercies within the Year! Friends & Fambly enclose me like a warm blanket; the birds of Nature are grand Attendants of my actions... ~slac~



plittle said...

Hey Slack. I didn't know you were back, and hack-penning. Are you ready for the big jump to Blogger?

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata> i am the rare one who never Left!
Regardless~i shall bloom where i is Planted... ~Author~


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