Friday, May 9, 2008


Life! Math! Ponderifics!  And perfect action.  ~thesonwhowouldbeSlac~ Happy Moms' Day. --5/8/5--

Oxygen! Bread! Gasoline!  The widow Mary's lawn to cut!  Incomplete exclamatory sentences!  --5/8/6--

Now: that was a party! And even tho' we were on a military site, we tore that place up! They'll not soon forget us on the peninsula. --5/7/7--

Thursday, May 8th, and8...present=day: Jeremiah Wright? Jeremiah Wrong.  Josef Fritzl? it is so depraved & sick that werds will not describe. Alas~there are also schtrange and tyrannical messianic demonic personages who reside also in this country. All^ of them will come to perfect judgment by G and his true son.

The Burmese people in MYANMAR have suffered too much greatly. Their overseers in power are Willing to receive humanitarian Aid, without the Humanitarians. This is a horror compunded upon a tragedy. {i pray for a natural change in Asiatic sensibilities}

National polytryx: the Nomination which will never end...HILLY, BILLY & CHILLY have decided to forge ahead all the way to the Convention in COLORADO. And it is not an alltogethre bad decision to do so, as far as i deem. These are only historic things which are happening within the Party! Over=more, Senator OBAMA continues to do well in all the self=same regards of the contest. There are more VOTERS participating in this continuous Event than i can remember. Dramatic! Who will prevail with supradelicates as Time and Tide churn and turn? Schtay tuned.

The haer Report: my wings are clippt to the Ears and my Mousy is shaved & gone. These^ tonsorial Acts i accomplish when i believe that Summer is impending. {One wouldn't know it from all the cold, dreariness which comes & goes within the Walley, presently} It makes it easier to apply the sunscreen.  When it ain't Raining... ~umbrelicleSlac~

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