Friday, August 29, 2008


Thursday, August 28th, and8...Say what One will~them CLINTONs can sho' nuf speechify. Chilly Cee, Hilly R & Billy Bee are entertaining to hear. Pity the soundtrack of the Convention is so derivatif. Tonight: Arena Barack...

Thank you very much. I was a quiet anniversary nothing to top the [#] beach bash. Much love to you. ~Maisy~

The Turtle is Winging east=wise at faer schpeed. Friday, August 29th, °8...The Lizard has just left CAMP MAISY for othre Eastern destinations; Maisy & her beau are cruising à la CANADA...{it's a good week to leaf the country, even 'tho They must always be on OR near the Water; i am surprised that Liz didn't go to DENVER}Todé~i shook hands with a clown. Yesterdé, i withdrew some cash uptown behind a man who had a semi=automatic pistol on his belt. While i walkt, i met a man from Palmerton who had werkt for the Walley Rail=Road [back in the dé]. He was wearing tap shoes. (?) Such it was...

There were eighty thousand (80,000) peoples at the Investment Centre to hear ALBERT GORE and STEVIE WONDER. {i reclined Afore the Senator from ILLINOIS schpoke in front of the greek columns} Aday~the Senator from ARIZONA chose a Governess from ALASKA to be his veep.  But~i also have the US OPEN to gander at, when i can! Less Shakespearean, for sure. The PHILS and the EAGLES are doing fine upon the Day & Age.

My metatarsal is Healing nicely, altho i might schtill lose the Nail & forever be able to tell the Weathre from a twinge in my Rightful foot?!Regardless=of=much, i'm caught up on my scans and my e=mails & my archival musik Loading.  {there are othre things a comPuter are good fer, yet i haven't quite figgered out what They is}  NB: the next Convention is in SAINT PAUL...he was an evangelist & an epistler [some=one who writes Lettres for a Living] after his Conversion.  But it's not like G & J are paying their Good Mind to what PolyTryxters are saying upon the Road! 

These=all^ are just Observatæ...~mindful*slac~




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