Saturday, October 11, 2008


Crickets & Stink=bugs! [1o.13.o4:]  They took my Rockford Files off the Air last week and i can't get my head around it as i cook my salsa grits & fried eggs.  Friday, Octobre 10th, °°8...Quo Vadis?  And, more impordantly, where am i going?  {i've saved 88% of my hideous entries to the hard=drive, so i'm kinda relaxt about my AWOL Glow's imminent collapse}  No matter~it was only ever a thing...

Saturdé, Octobre 11th, °°8...i had my share of Independent Thinkers today on the Yard, including a grey squirl who was trappt in one of the Dumpsters® for who knows how long? It scooted outta there like a possesst rodent when i opened the door. [My Dad used to say, acause he had seen his share of fried squirls on the high=power lines & transformers,"You can always count on a squirl to be, well, squirrely."] Which is to say, there was great usage on the Yard because the dé was more vernal than autumnal. {i would call it an early Indian summer, but i hesitate to offend aboriginal americans} Where in the name of RACHEL MADDOW was i going with this? All the cuddies are asking when i close, but i assure them that i am preparing to werk Saterdés thru the wintre.  It's a new idea but i'm up for it! The details of which will move, with me, to the next and best "Glow=Location". Mean=Time~Happy Holydés! Ayear, we move compressedly from ROSH HASHANAH to YOM KIPPUR & right into SUKKOT around Columbus Day.  {i'm genetically Hebraic; ask any=body}  And~whither i go, i'll schtill rarely, if ever, publish on Sun=Day. ~slac~


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