Monday, October 27, 2008


Procrastination? Honestly, officer, i've never before in my life ever paid for this! ~Count Slacula~

Sun=Dé, Octobre 26th, °°8...the following entry will be publisht nearly Simultaneously to Slack Back Mack--the log [which will go black on the thirty=first] AND Slacktown [which is some=where in the new Neighbourhood of blogger/blogspot].  Accept no substitutes! Powre to the GLOWERS!

i have had to re=set all my digital clox three (3)times this week AND it isn't even Day=light Saving Time yet?! The worst was this morning, after a transformer xploded around 9:30 AM. *boom*  The electric company had it fixt by 10:15. It threw my whole routine off. {Altho~my Sundé routine is the easiest of all seven} Teknology is a good thing unless it gets interrupted. Vero.

Resting Here is SlackBackMack--a little weird and out of Whack...Loved the blogs but called them Glows; Else=the=of Nobody knows...


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