Monday, September 22, 2008


This, could also occur...[reposit of 9.21.7]

Novembre Fifth, 2and8: KEYES and PAUL handily defeat OBAMA and BIDEN. First black US President vows to unify the country.  {no points for gettin' it half=right}

Mondé, Septembre 22nd, °8...i am behind of so much, i hardly Know where to begin! My former neighbour, MARYANN, was stunned to see me walking so close to her haus after werk. She's driving a creme=coloured SUV now & she askt me a pointed question,"How's Life treating You?" But why would i burden such a grand girl with small troubles when my Blessings are so Great?! She was also amazed that i was 'hiking' thru Town.  i told her,"i come by it natural." She noted that WE were talking in a sunset which my Father woulda called to her Attention! Such things do accrue to me. Amorning, i had a similar Xperience with my supervisor as i pickt up my time=card. She came out of her office to confab with me about the coming 'winter schedule' at the Yard. [Rose, the receptionist & many customers had already avised me about this plan.] It only might have seemed to NANCY that i was reading her mind, but my present Vocation requires a certain level of Anticipation on my part... Of course, i told her i was up for the extra werk & that We could co=ordinate on the Particulars as they Arise. {i live to serve}

The roads and the Highwés of the County and the Schtate are being paved on my behalf! To think that i am only a Walking and bussing person to have such bidness bind my feet! These^ are not Megalomania; the tolls on eighty have fallen thru AND the pike=turn SCHEME might also tumble out.  {more Politryxians ought walk they parishes}  i might could rant about the Market moves, but it won't change much the Value of the tiny silver dimes that i hold for odrinary economic & Spiritual increases; my Treasure has always lain else=where. Comes & goes.

The bug Report: i killt a flying ant as it was crawling across my good foot last night; it ought to have Known that my BUDDHA nature does not allow for such podiatricle incursions! Regardless~i love the white and yellow butterflies that have been Flitting within my purvue this Season...NANCY [the teacher customer] informs me that We should be able to tell the Wintre=times through such signs. She^ has seen a CHRYSALIS. ~slac~

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