Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It is Possible to sleep four persons to a room with inflatable beds, but it is very much like bunking in a Japanese tea=haus. *zzzzz* ^reposited from yesterdé^

Wednesday, July 9th, `8...HOLIDAY TRAFFIK part two..There were beaucoups de pizzas at that final pool party. It was all the younger cousins who were schwimming into the dusk.  BABALOO observed a small frog inching its way toward the chlorinated pond; i prevented it from  entering that large body of water. OH! But the good Lord decided to send a lightning schtorm toward the party, curtailing the wild debauche! "Evybody outta the Poool," i shouted loudly as the parents were already corraling their charges.

KAY and her life=partner were kind enuf to let me flop on the bed vacated by ALAN and his date; it relieved some of the pressure on the engineer's hausing unit. Bright and early, agin, and with cold cheese pizza in our gullets, the four (4) macs piled into black beauty to sally NorthWise toward PENNSY. In Windsor, NC, the engineer permitted me to drife as good as i do, until he Piloted in reverse for the bridges & tunnels [3/2] of the CHESAPEAKE BAY. {i haf driven the CBBT afore but i acquired no tunnels on this^ traverse} We schtoppt for lunch at the TRAWLER restaurant & lounge and were served by the nicest Waiter i have ever met [JEFF]! He brewed fresh coffee just for me, it seemed...

i drofe again from VIRGINNY into MARYLAND until we gassed up in Salisbury, where anothre cloud=burst temporarily schlowed the Turtle. There was holydé congestion on the roads in DELAWARE, but we wriggled around it mostly. Short=story=Long~the itinerant Brothres droppt Rocky & Blade at their cat=filled abode, called MAISY [matriarch pro tem] to inform her of our Amazingly Successful retourn & promptly fell into a decompressif mode from 'the greatest birfdé party ever held.' Needles=to=say, we feltquite funky on Mondé AND it rained agin on me as i walkt from the bus onto the Parish.  {if i were a suspicious person, i might believe that G & J were Sending thundre=clouds and pour=downs to Accent my travels...i ain't}

Othres of the group shall haf more and bettre schtories & Remembrances to tell & embellish, but i'll be happy enuf to receive the wonderful Fotoes from any & all AS they feed my desk. Wherever there is dancing, slac will Participate.




gdireneoe said...

(((Slac)))  good to see you...just out for a hop. ;)  C.

sunflowerkat321 said...

Whenever the brothers Mac seems there is a party waiiting at the end of the road.  You had a holiday weekend par excellence'.

Welcome home!

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata x2>>  Three entries in three days!  i'm Xhausted!  Over=more, when the Engineer and i travel~We carry the party with us...  ~Author~


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