Thursday, September 11, 2008


9.9.8: i have been allowing the Turtle's fone machine to pick up way too many of my calls.{thot: it ain't good practise to miss the Bright rings just Acause there might also be dull and unfavourable Massages} Imagine if i owned one of those fone=cells mit Voix mail!? it^ could be as orphaned of Attenxion as so many othres...

9118: i have heard from a good many people [loved ones] thru the machine and used the fone well {as well} to make Connexions. Aday, i entertained the Lizard and enjoyed lunch with her at 'our' favourite diner; she had the tuna melt & i had the bacon cheese=burger. Then We meandered thru the market and into the old Neighbourhood to look at the hovel. Yes, they have a substantial canine protecting the southern perimetre. We climbed the schteep hill back to the Apt and read quietly to ourselves. CAT arrived in time, on time, with time to up=catch all the news with her Niece afore we=all continued in our collectif paths [wildly in all direxions], Lizard retourning northwise for a cousine's birfdé and CAT to recycle containers and clothing.  {these^ odrinary things are good to Accomplish in spite of othre matters and memories}

Latin: the tomb of our last bishop reads:  Domine Dilexi Decorem Domus Tuae from the twenty=fifth psalm. i take it^ to mean: Lord, Make me know your own ways...Teach me your own paths. [i expect i'll be corrected of this Acause i haven't memorised the songs of King DAVID in Hebrew, Greek nor Latin.] Teach me to schtudy fine sayings in Good company!

i might could oughta write more my=own=self on the week=end. Mebbe so, mebbe no~slac~

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