Monday, July 21, 2008


Sunday, July 20th, °8...hotta than Satan's silk scivvies. It's so dang hot, the sparrows are agape. But the engineer is comfortably ensconced upon a northern beach. {He visits his crasy seester when he gets tired of his crasy brudda} For my part, i'm Avoiding direct sun=light. But, hey, iffen i melt into a putrid puddle, so what? MARGARET HAMILTON didn't mind it much. Hydrate & hang loose...

Mondé...back on the bus. It wasn't as bad on the Yard as Saterdé becos there was a mild breeze and occasional cloud covre. Oh! And the bus sign on the free=way has been straightened out AND 'they' left a green plastic milk=carton for me to rest my haunches on. Good folloes good! {no=one can complain of the aer=conditioning on mass transit}

Internationally~the POPE is wrapping up his tour of AUSTRALIA. There is a [war] tribunal getting undre way at Gitmo; the werld court [?] has laid they hands on Radovan Karadzic [some=one do a Serbian spellcheck for me]. These^ last two (2) items are mostly good news for Justice/Jurisprudence...bin Laden's driver and bodyguard gets his 'day in court', so=to=speak, AND a genocidal fugitif has been taken offen the streets. Bettre things could eventually happen!  ~the globally optimisticle slac~

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