Saturday, May 24, 2008


TITLE: Only good things can Happen

MOOD: effusif AND effulsif, mildly so

MUSIK: The television theme music?!

WIDEO: catching up on SOPRANOs, and trying to figger out where the coarse werds go

ANAGRAM: Rodham=Do harm

JOKE: «Two revolutionaries were preparing to assassinate a certain Dictator at a special parade in the Schtrong person's honour. As they waited with their sniper rifles and their bomb key devices, they noticed the dictator was still not anywhere to be seen in the parade. The one insurrectionist turned to the other and went,"Gosh, I sure hope nothing's happened to the Dictator."

THOT: «it must be a busy schpring for me, Acause i am behind of the glowing»

TEXT: Friday, May 23rd,'s up to MONTANA [Hannah] now. i am fully prepared to endorse HILARY [Duff] for the Democratik nominaxn. And, that's all i have to say about that. Hang in there.

The field report: a coupla days ago, i saw a baby opossum; aday, after werk, i schpotted a young rabbit. Alas, near Home, i also saw a slightly crippled squirl. i tried to give him two (2) carrots from my lunch=pail, but the poor critter seemed to be on its last legs. The cardinals, blue=jays and robins are ubiquitous...along with sparrows and blackbirds. Oh! the herons are flying as much as the hawks it seems & i hear tell of four (4) tiny falcons just hatched on Dad's old power building.  Xcept for the squirrel, Life is teeming Walley=wide. Smooch-a-veteran on the Holidé! ~slac~


sunflowerkat321 said...

Thanks for the valley wildlife report.  No deer???

slacbacmac said...

You're Welcome, flowre=sun--the deer have been quite reticent &
non=appearing, but the Chippies have recently made their Presence
known.  i'll keep dating=up the Nature as i find it!  ~Author~


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