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Sunday, August 14, 2005...>reposit> "I am the Cat who walks Alone and All Places are the same to me..." ~Rudyard Kipling, the Just So Stories Maisie has many CATS and it pondres me how she finds the time to Schwim! Such profound mysteries in the middle of August! Happy happy Joy joy to Fidel Castro and my other Sister, Kay on their respectif birfdays (Fidel, 79 & Kay something over 50)  Which means, perhaps, that i can catch up [like evybody else] on what's happening in GLOW=LAND. I said,"perhaps." Zing.

Thursday, August 14th, °8...Aday, the focus is on breakaway Republyx within breakaway Republyx. VLADIMIR! Cut the Crud! The Soviet Union is supposed to be Democratik, too. [it's not about the oil and natural gas, is it?] Meanwhile, in anothre Communist country: an American swimmer is breaking Records like a man with a porpoise. Maybe the pool's tooo deep...perhaps MARK SPITZ shoulda shaved that moustache when he competed.  Regardless~these^ are the bettre geopoliticle Games. Not following closely, my=self.

The bunny is quite friendly where i werk;i think it has a hutch aneath my slac=shack.  ToDay~i wandered all the Way uptown to the Library to retourn six (6) music cee=dees and to check out the werk at the CourtHaus.  There are surveillance cameras on the main drag?! {odrinary citizens have nothing to Fear} i didn't hand over any cash to the regular denizens as i passed them, on Account of i haf about as much as them, all=to.  Poverty's a beach. WE are enjoined in the same vessel. i know things are bad Acause i walkt past my Neighbourhood dollar schtore and it's gone 'Out of Bidness'?! Anothre rain schtorm is rolling thru the Walley as G puts things right with a thunderous Voice...

mercy-upon-mercy, nice2beNice~slac~


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