Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Tuesday, September 19, 2006...

i am nearly recovered of it all. Some=one pointed out that it was good to get togethre in the absence of a Wedding OR a Funeral. Overmore, it was way longer than the usual hit & run visits of past holidays. The weather was perfect for the shore=line Ritual and the meal that folloed. It was poignant to receive the eucharist from Liz and Aunt Therese. {who says there are no women in Priesthood?!}

The co=joined Birfday party was also very special. It was decided to do a bracketed celebraxn of all those persons having their remembrances from August thru October. Nephew ALAN was lucky enuf to hit the exact time, and the most efficient Average (22). There were about a dozen names on that chocolate frosted chocolate cake & it took almost fifteen (15) minutes to take all the pixtures around it! Pavlovian!

We decided to blame the sea=change on MAISY...it's her beach. It was windy for the Young Persons' cook=out, and it blew in the direction of the Party.[Cook Cap=Sizer ran out of bratwursts early on.]There was drizzle the next day, but most of the girls went SHOPPING & there were no "clouds" on their credit cards! The weather held out for the Train and Boat excursion; i had subliminally suggested we should all get on the very first run. And thanks to Cousin Jim's pancakes, we made it all in before a cloud=burst. On crab=cake night, it rained steadily BUT we were all in the Colonel's cabin. HE fried all the crab=cakes and i served under him, baking scallop with bacon appetizers and schteaming cob=corn. [WE ate schucked corn at least four times all week but mine were the best.] ALAN was the salad=chef/utility man. As compliments were passing thru the air, i noted aloud,"Just leave it to the Professionals!" To be fair, the girls from the 'quiet cottage' made excellent tabouleh and babaganoush. Yum.

It was super-perfect beach weather when i went inland with HARRY, KAY and ALAN. Thanx, Rookie. We assume that my nephew made his flight back to CAROLINA. [note to self: mapquest sux] Hugs, hugs, hugs...i hope to do it all again in anothre thirty=five (35) years. Truly.



sunflowerkat321 said...

I think you all should plan to do it again much sooner than that!

Yea...mapquest sux!  Did it route you via Idaho???

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, Flowre=Sun> sometimes, they Neglect to tell you
about Exit=changes across a border.  Eh, i like to refer 2 an Atlas.
smooches & seeyasoon  ~Author~

slacbacmac said...

NB: Confluences are Cool.


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