Monday, December 18, 2006


And othre beautiful things which i cannot yet fully's just a Thing. Glow on.

Sunday, December 17, 2006...One (1) of the wonderful things which i could not imagine has happened! BabyMae has retourned to Glow=Land after a well deserved vacance.  And she tells US that our best beloved, cyber=dancing MUMSY is schtill in this frail and faulty werld. Blessings on them both as they proceed forward; i, personally, am ecstatic of the News. Comfort & Joy!{many haiku will be written of This^}

Monday, December 18th...thank the Baby J for milk=crates! We, who are in transition, make the good use of them. CAT was kind to take me on a recycle run yesterday.  With finer weathre we could not have askt for. I even had a big black bag of coloured paper, which is unusual acause i hardly ever get junk=mail & circulars! BLADE was a good helper as well, altho not as dresst up as his Mother. {we suspect that there might be one more transfer run around the Holydays, on account of there always is} Lighten!  CAPSIZER sent a coupla fotoes of Emma^  woofing down some chocolate cake. I've placed one in the GALLERY abof^, along with an ancient snap of me eating same.  Some=times you get frosting, some=times you don't. C'est la vie. *snarfle*

Blessings on all! WE are each & everyone "Living Assistedly". ~elfenslac~

Babaloo hey

*slac* hey

Babaloo how's everything?

*slac* pretty good

Babaloo but not great huh?

*slac* fantastic--nice weathre

Babaloo short days are bad

Babaloo is today the shortest of the year?

*slac* not yet

Babaloo when?

*slac* 20th?

*slac* don't have the Almanac

Babaloo 21st just looked it up via [service]

*slac* thereyago

Babaloo damn today is short enough


*slac* but fair

*slac* could be much Colder!

Babaloo yes that would be worser

*slac* lovely little baby, recently

Babaloo yup yup

*slac*1 anothre [astrological sign]

Babaloo I guess...

Babaloo looked like a girl to me

*slac* all girl--Wyatt almost bit off his own hand

Babaloo hee hee

Babaloo ok we be off to get ojos examined

*slac* lata--send cousin Maisy all good info

Babaloo ok that confusded me....what do you mean?

*slac* COUSIN MAISY is getting married in May...

GROPER in Septembre---they're asking for info^

Babaloo no request came this way for that

*slac* i'll pass it along...

Babaloo pass what along?

Babaloo our info?

*slac* you'll hear soon

*slac* it's just anothre event

Babaloo ok bye

*slac* ta

*IMP edited* [Astronomical addenda: SOLSTICE

translates as 'sun=gap' and occurs in both

winter & summer; EQUINOX translates as 'equal=night'

and is both Autumnal & Vernal.]

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Babaloo Ho Ho HO!!!

**slac** merry xmas!

Babaloo back to ya

**slac** happy hanukkah

Babaloo that too

Babaloo feliz navidad

Babaloo see you [date]

**slac** joyeux noel--looking forward to it^

Babaloo Do you remember the name of the

Irish Pub I ate at last year?

**slac** hesch no

Babaloo /smiley/

**slac** 5 oh wait---something irish

Babaloo 5 yup yup

**slac** 5 hannigan's/flannigans on [intersection]

Babaloo likely so...thanks

**slac** i could look it up old=style

Babaloo heading out now for dinner and bifocals

for your seester

**slac** and a hearing aid^^

Babaloo I'll tell her you said so

**slac** she won't hear it...

Babaloo hee hee see ya

Babaloo bye

**slac** lata

^IMPs edited for nomenclature & Time^



floralilia said...

dear elfinslac -

thanks for the date-up = i just checked my mail, and can in fact, verify the babymae/mumsy sighting...

it's about as good as seeing santa's sleigh on radar...

holiday hugs,

merelyp said...

i've prolly missed you the most

(aside from my self, that is)



louf48 said...

methinks capsizer will be most upset to see Emma misidentified as Noah!

slacbacmac said...

forgifness, babaloo--is that Really the girl=niece Eating chocolate cake?
Of else>>>i am beside myself with Joy to have Mumsy within my
Holiday purvue, acause i love her/you first & best...
Redoundering Holiday Smooches on evyone, ~Author~


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