Saturday, September 30, 2006


Saturday, June 3rd And 6...

Nautical ponderances, part one (1):

First & foremost, i am NOT a Sailor. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But~i swim like an eel and dive like a Swan, especially when turned over in a Boat. I have an equal and abiding Respect for Water, both fresh & salinated...i prefer Launches to sailing craft on account of motorised Boats are more like automobiles & masted skiffs are horribly akin to bicycles. [^reposit^]

Friday, September 29th And 6...

Nautical ponderances, part two (2):

Babaloo, on the other hand, is a Fisher=Man and Boater non-pareil. OR so he believes. I have overturnt a Sun=Fish with him @ least once on Plimoth Bay [actually, the smaller inlet of that]. He has also taken me seaward in smaller motorised Vessels at high speed, trying in vain to make me puke.  {i only heave Aland}

There=For: i was more than glad to ride on his pleasure craft during the recent Reunion festivities! We were a crew of seven (7), much like the SS Minnow---Babaloo being the Skipper of gourse. Cap=Sizer brot Noah [and they napped below deck on open water!], while Lizard, Alan & i provided 'ballast on the chops'. My turn @ the wheel came after Alan's...and i did quite well coming off a buoy with a sailing vessel bow aport, Breezing away & a lone launch chugging afore the Starboard cut. The Skipper said,"Schplit the difference."  I favoured the mild stern=wake of the Sailor so as to avoid schwamping the low-boat. Lizard had schpray on her 'team=jacket' by the time She came forward.

One Time [about 1988, when Maisy & Loo still had the sun=fish and the yellow Pacer], MACK took that small sail=boat in the morning Out upon GRACE's Bay. My sister & i came late to the party, but All the neighbours Regaled us with Dad's nautical prowess. Children that WE were--we believed that Ensign MACK might repeat such a Feat for his absent progeny. Which he did, right up until that fearful moment when the old man capsized, bent the boom, tore the singular sail & had to be towed in by Timmy's launch. As the elderly mariner recovered breathless upon a beach=towel, MAISY observed,"a 67 year-old man should NOT do such things!" Yet~we ourselves had put the dare in him. And that^, among other things is why i prefer to have Water farther away from me than Deep & Underfoot. Sorry 4 the sun=fish.

Final Long Island & Lyme luau Notes:

>the ENGINEER's Cabin/Cottage was not as Wild as one might think...i only went there once, myself

>KAY had such a good time, she bruised her gall=bladder; it's out now, and Harold is Attending her fully

>my team=jacket is kinda big, but i Love it

>pixtures are coming...right after all the Relatifs recover

>thereyago & thus-it-is ~slacWhoRarelySails~




sunflowerkat321 said...

Family adventures on the hight seas.  What could be better?!?!?  I love it!

I've turned over many a sunfish (and canoe) on the calm waters of KenRay Lake. (intentionally)   But, the ocean is a different story.  I think I'd be scared.........

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, flowre=sun>
i've never tipped over in deep water & don't intend to start...the escargots
are too far down!  i did tip a canoe on an Explorer trip, once.  Taught me
not 2 be a late=in=life Boy Scout without dry sox.  ~Author~

uscga1995 said...

Hippie?  Maybe J......but the jury remains sequestered on J's little bro.  He's simply waiting for a democrat who is NOT a nansy-pansy to run for office.  I'm considering taking up campaign for Schattner (i.e. Capt kirk/denny crane) to run for office in 08.  

World peace...the final frontier.  The restroom at Rosie O'Donnel's house....a place where no man has gone before.  Two loaves of bread and an enema...thats it for the Captain's Log.

louf48 said...

A will is a dead giveaway.

slacbacmac said...

Semi=Agreement>> i enjoy the Rambling...
Cap=Sizer should haf his own Glow!


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