Saturday, September 23, 2006


Friday, September 22nd, And6...the reason i had such a good time @ the Beach was that i've been camping since CADAVRE DAY! Life is all open format to me, currently. Truly. KAY was kind enuf 2 bring me an iJOBs randomiser when she abducted me. [she also fixt my shunky.]  I coulda loaded five=hundred and twelve (512) megs of my personal music for the trip, but i figgered she brot enuf tunes for the party all=to. [she did.]  WE did dance to her selexions, upon the Night...i had a grand time the one day playing frisbee with my Nephews [they who are Fathers, now]. It put me in mind of all the disc=throwing we did when DAD was the duomo of his Mother's shore=place. Overhand, Underhand & even southpaw, i made a good show of flinging the plastic pie=plate without schtriking the pregnant girl. [J's mother of WYATT and all the more boo'ful acause of her bounteous beach=side belly!]  The 'quiet cottage' had many Game Nights, with cards and trivia, but i declined & hung with my Kidnappers.  {i am too sharp of such things to be any=thing but a despoiler; it was my youthful Assignment to make the next generation fierce & fervent games=persons}  PLUS+, on the Dawn of Day, i served short breakfast under my barrista HARRY. He can make fantastic coffee all the day long & i can fry eggs 2 any ordre!  Our small cabin was renowned for pleasant service right up to the plans for lunch. Utility & Attention.

Saturday, September was ROCKY who pickt me up from werk and took me on a belated transfer run. Such a good girl & such a good driver! And she lives just down the hill from me, up two flights of stairs. [irony]

Onward, Upward & Outward...until amorro. ~slac~

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