Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Pardon me while i reconfigger...

From box to box & all=to.

There are no days off in estate

werk! ~anon~

The IMPster hey stranger

MotionMac hey bud

The IMPster 2 never see you online any more

MotionMac 2 somewhat busy

The IMPster 3 I guess.....find an apartmnt yet?

MotionMac 3 youbetcha

The IMPster 3 way cool! do tell!

MotionMac come visit after (Month)

The IMPster address?

MotionMac (Place), near skool

The IMPster 5 street?

MotionMac 5 yeah

MotionMac 5 it's on a schtreet

The IMPster 5 what street?

MotionMac 6 near (numbre)

The IMPster 6 Maizy wants to know what street?

MotionMac 7 how's Maizy?

The IMPster 7 ok, but curious about the name of

the street you will be living on!!!

MotionMac 7 natch

The IMPster []

MotionMac evything in play

The IMPster ok

The IMPster 9 (Street) or (Street)?

MotionMac 9 (Street)

The IMPster 9 cool

MotionMac 20 gif a call, by her=self

The IMPster 20 now?

MotionMac 20 i'm bouncing off

The IMPster 20 ok

^IMP edited for nomenclature^

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

IMPster 6 hey stranger!!!!

MotionMac 7 hey bud

MotionMac 7 thundering here...

IMPster 8 how's the new digs,

and the new life?

MotionMac 8 coooool

IMPster /smiley/

MotionMac thanks

IMPster need anything?

MotionMac not really

IMPster 0 lamps? tables? nic-nacs?

MotionMac 0 nawthing,

as the dutch say

IMPster 0 ok

MotionMac kiss maisy 4 me

IMPster will do

MotionMac date=up the glow soon

IMPster gooood

MotionMac lata dude

IMPster byeeee

MotionMac ta

IMPster 3 /smiley/

^IMP edited for proddling^




deabvt said...

Both slac & V; not many posts!

karynetaylor said...


just wanted to stop in & give you a quick update. I backed off my journal (e-mailed each and every entry to my G-mail account, where you can store e-mails FOREVER!!!) & have now deleted, so if you ever go looking for me, I'm not where you will probably look. Not anymore.

You see, Greg & I have separate AOL accounts and pay the $14.95 EACH per month, & that seems silly, so at the very least, I will show up with a new screen name eventually. Or somewhere else blogging & I will drop you a line.

Who knows?

I will keep you posted.


slacbacmac said...

Transitions>>and the *flux*'s Just the YEAR for it. ~Author~

sunflowerkat321 said...

So....the flux has kept you quite busy.  I wondered what had happened to you.  All is well??

Transitions and flux are still swirling here....a bit like Beryl.  I have the mathematical model's best guess....but you never know....

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata Flowre=Sun! All is Well, fine as frog's hair...
more & better schtuff Amorro^^ as i gradually de=pack
from Hovel to Apt...       ~Author~

deabvt said...

Woo Hoo! New digs!!

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata Vince> believe it or not, i am Rising even higher
abof the Millennial plain=flood. I like the Dry & there's a Led
Zeppelin song to that effect... Thanx 4 Hangin', ~AUTHOR~


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