Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Tuesday, November 14th, And6...the ham soop is almost all.  I visited CAT's dad & mom at the local nursery. He is doing rehabilitation for his spindly legs.  But he looks real good all=to.  CAT's mom told me a few secrets but i've already forgotten them.  {this^is why people trust me so much; even children & animals can schpeak freely with me}Earlier, i travelled to the schtore for bogos and the muzak was entirely Songs i could sing!  ["car wash"..."helen wheels"] The othre customers must have thot me quite mad. I sing the good. Now~i am warshing Whites & thinking of watching gilmore girls. Hey, it's a jernal and i can write what i want. Amorro!peripatetic with parapets,   ~slac~

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