Saturday, May 6, 2006


Happy Cinquo de Mayo! OR, as we call it in

the etados unitos, Bueño Fifth of May! As the

great grand=child of European immigrants,

i surely admire the arduous efforts of people

afore me who shipped over and plowed thru

the Process of becoming American Citizens.

Even if the clerks @ Ellis did de=capitalise our

fourth (4th) initial. What a Country...

OF the current National trends, i try not to be

so much a Person of Interest when i travel But

more just an Interesting Person. Also, when i

am only Residing in this, my home country,

i am rarely considered a minute-man...more

often a Seventy=Five (75) minute Man. Go ahead,

ask my girls. They should oughta know.

Flowers on the Virgin! Is it MOTHERs' Day already

in these climes?? My seester Maisy is gonna have a

Time of it from Saterday 2 Sunday for Sure and All

the passages she, her=self, will pass through from the

Day of her own to the Next fair grand=child! Such a

busy girl to have florid wreaths laid upon the Brow

which unbelieves Yet was delivered to the werld on

that Seventh (7th) Day when SINS were suspended

to wreak a Perfect vessel. I am only surprised that

my nearest Advocate of that persuasion did not take

up the horticulture instead of the marine sciences.

Altho~to be fair, a woman=child who survives the

dousing in the Font reservedly, Ought be Allowed

to cultivate blooms & schwim where=ever she wants!

As else, it's already in the Name. *gurgle* Plant.

Locally: Come the Sixteenth (16th), iffen you Ain't

on a boat, you'd better well VOTE. The pay=jacker

pirates deserve to hear from the PEOPLE^



deabvt said...

Great P I C S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woo Hoo!

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata V=man> Hang tight, there's more 2 come^^


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