Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Up=Follow...Middling Election 2006...i must have that kind of Face. This is what i brot to my new precinct: My VOTING identification card. [it followed me from the hovel to the APT.] My driver's license.  [it's not that ugly but it does not have my scraggly beard on it.] A utility bill. [which proves that i get my Inter=Web inches from my current Ramparts.] My passport.  {this is the most Valuable document i own; the engineer Wanted me to have it and he's already talking about more travel.} My angelic face and my Electoral demeanour.  The Poll=werkers didn't nearly need any of those^ things! And they found myimprimatur almost Immediately. It was that easy. Let the electronicle chads fall where they may. DIEBOLD? i'd rather Live Large in the AMERICAN land=scape. And i'll bet that DOOGIE HOWSER didn't Vote a straight ticket either...Wednesday, November 8th...Wow! That was a potent election. Enuf to make the President accept the Resign of the Secretary of Defence. Personally, i always lookt forward to MR. Rumsfeld's press conferences; they had bite. I wish him the best. Elsewhere, the senate is schtill in Play altho here in PENNSY we sent a clear message to Honorable RICK SANTORUM that we want a Senator who's a little left of Reactionary politix. Again, i think Rick is a very nice guy...just not as good as ARLEN.  We'll have to really hold BOB CASEY's feet to the fire, day after tomorro. Enuf of enuf, i'm schtill anal=yzing the results. What? BRITNEY is thinking of breaking up with the KEVIN?! Who's gonna feed those two (2) babies? It boggles me much.  My new umbrella served me well, today.  Thereyago^ """slac"""

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