Monday, August 7, 2006


August 6th, 2006...or there=abouts>

i misst the mass this morning; even a time=travelling secret agent has to schleep in, once in a great while. 

I, also, did not take in any open hauses a=day. {those who own would look 2 sell; those who Rent may look to own} Yet~i did manage to Pull two (2) hours werth of weeds. And finely paid for it, i was...

+ + + + + + + justify + + + + + +

To=day, i saw a goldfinch. They must be rare around here; i cannot remembre the last time i might've seen one. Even the birds & bugs are moving globally! Mayhaps to Avoid human crasiness^

It's a Theory.

Meanwhile & else: i am preparing for both a fambly party and a confluence. The meeting (and enjoyment) of line=on Like Minds only takes some Pressing precedence. It is the Connectedness WE crave as life travels forth. [werds 2 that effect^^] Wrong=me=not=get: i love my fambly as if they were blood-related. Naturally. Monday, August 7th, 2006...pretty busy for a Monday, i'll tell you. The parishioners came with trux & trailers of storm damaged branches and whatnot. It was almost like a Saterday. [the heat wave threw off the schedule.] I am nearly caught up with what passes for computerising; advise me of the advise, as i have 'heard' of a great many changes in Glow=land & the InterWeb...



sunflowerkat321 said...

Goldfinches are fairly common up here in my neighborhood.  It's interesting that you haven't seen many just a short distance away!

Anxiously awaiting solidified plans on the confluence!

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, flower=sun> i am an amateur birder & don't see as
many as i should. CONFLUENCE! yes! Tempis is Fugiting and i must
sit with felines...Evybody contact me by Horse, land=line OR card=post.
WE can haf a very nice togethre=get in the Walley... ~Author~


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