Thursday, December 14, 2006


Thursday, December 14th, And6...

in memoriam: we have put down a good many people, this Year...maybe too many.  From Ed Bradley to Billy Styron and the great numbre of departers from the wide field of music [jazz, blues, classical, opera], they are only asleep for a time. Those are the famous ones. We are consoled for the victims of Crime or War that they will never again see the horrors which demised them.  And we pray to learn something from the surprised ones who were overtaken by Nature and her accidents...not to trade safety & preparedness for rash action.  But for those who took the laws of Life into their own hands [terrorists, school killers, politicle despots], there will be a Reckoning after this brief darkness.

Especially now, as Light is coming once again into the werld of men. Truly.


i am nearly caught=the=up of all my e=mail.  Which means~i could stand to have more of the bettre as i also Try to read the Glows!  Then, again, i've always been a bump & run sort of Person. {sometimes~i check a Glow and am schtruck speech=less; it happens}  i'll make a resolution for And7 to make more and better commentary. That^ and to grow a full beard that ain't scratchy! Less=the=never, i suspect that this Year will be a really good one for GLOWERS. More content, more controversy And othre beautiful things which i cannot yet fully's just a Thing. Glow on.


Happy Holy=Days! Amorro will be brighter and closer to collectif incarnated redemption if WE but believe it. Be good.  ~adventalSlac~


sunflowerkat321 said...

I love your self portrait and I hope that you are right....that the light IS coming.

I have high hopes for a wonderful upcoming year for all.

babymae1966 said...

Ever so hopeful you always have been....I've been away for a while, but wanted to wish you & yours Happy Thoughts for the holiday season! Stop by the newly updated Neverland when you have a moment...

Thimbles...Babymae :)

slacbacmac said...

Agreement all=to>> There is a Santa Claus and he is Blessing
me with Remembered friends!  i light a candle, and some=times,
Miracles happen.  Appreciata in Excelsis... ~Author~


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