Saturday, April 22, 2006


Essential Gleanings:

Suggestion: clean up the hovel, and you won't

need a garage to sleep in.


Tell Hane and the girls that I appreciated

the watch=over.


Have a wonder=filled holiday, a long drawn

breath of spring air,

and Enjoy the unexpected delights - which are

sure to visit.

*smooches* GF#1

[edited^ from Flo's e=mail]


/previously un=publisht material:/

Sunday, January 02, 2005


0300: ga--watch a Monk episode

0440: back to bed

0915: rega--moka, hamchee bagle

1000: Three Stooges, start puxxle

1040: shave & zoom

1130: Hospital...MOM off the Vent since 9

writing many notes to RM, very alert

RM goes to Mass, MOM watches mass.

1150: Doc G cheks MOM

...MOM remains Intubated, but very

uncomfortable; she is slightly frustrated

with writing & "signing" but her mental

alertness is exceptional. Some pain.

1400: Bim spells us as RM and i go to

1410/1420~buy gas & hoagies

Toni & Todd arrive and visit for a

little while--a very good visit.

Doctor B [group] checks on

MOM. Gives a full report to me and

RM and Bim AND MOM^

{1300~back on 37% ventilaxn}

Minimal restraints...MOM gets tired

and naps watching EWTN but RM

continues 2 minister to the patient.

1600: Nurse T treats MOM very well

...gets acetaminophen for MOM.

3 of us swapping stories.

1720: i walk 2 [convenience store]

make this report~


April 20, 2006: And that^ seems like it happened

about a million years ago. By my reckoning.

I kid people that Hane now has the best hausing;

she has a two-room flat at the bone=yard which

the Bishop has to mow. As her secondary and the

glorified haus=boi, i find consolation that she is

enjoying the humour of it. {secret: i knew @ each

turn that i was Appointed to such matters...from

Trust to Estate, i am not heavily laden.} Now, if

only i could find as good a deal as i move Resolute

out=through the crasy Werld! Schtep upon schtep.

mixer~ hi

>MOVER> hey bud

mixer~ whaTS UP?

mixer~ OOPs

>MOVER> many things

mixer~ hit me with five of 'em

>MOVER> storage/moving/auction

>MOVER> junkman/charity/hunting

mixer~ hmmmm......

>MOVER> werk/bookseller

>MOVER> many things

mixer~ I'm impressed

>MOVER> it's the schpring!

mixer~ /smiley/

>MOVER> good chicken 4 Easter?

mixer~ yup yup

>MOVER> small crowd?

mixer~ 2

>MOVER> too small^

mixer~ just right

>MOVER> G bless---little Easter this year

mixer~ huh?

>MOVER> BIG Easter next year

mixer~ why?

>MOVER> cycle

mixer~ xplain please

>MOVER> small Xmas/large Xmas,

>MOVER> small Easter/large Easter

mixer~ ooooook

>MOVER> thanks 4 popping by

mixer~ ooook

>MOVER> chek my e=mail, then be busy yet again

mixer~ ok

>MOVER> kiss maisy

mixer~ ok

>MOVER> lata bud

[IMP edited 4 nomenclature ONLY^ >MOVER>=slack]

Apologia all=to! i am not allowed to do such

things without Assents, Apprisals and/or

Dis=Claimers. I am schtill so fresh on the

Inter=Web; it pondres me how i am not more

faulty OR faltering when i posit By & By.

Never Mind~there are schtill also the SCHMELLY

advertisements abof my Page...

Stray Thot: "it's Raining out=side, yet not within

my Soul." Sumpin like Dat... posited fresh from

the slackshack^



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