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Saturday, June 3rd And 6...

Nautical ponderances, part one (1):

First & foremost, i am NOT a Sailor. Not by any

stretch of the imagination. But~i swim like an

eel and dive like a Swan, especially when turned

over in a Boat. I have an equal and abiding Respect

for Water, both fresh & salinated...i prefer Launches

to sailing craft on account of motorised Boats are

more like automobiles & masted skiffs are horribly

akin to bicycles. I have flipped over in a Canoe,

and i have wearied myself rowing in a Dory on a

Lake. [with my brother at Camp---ask him.] Give me

a Diving board & i will show you the Running back

Flip. Of a Thousand different ways i might Depart

this werld in the coming fifty (50) years, i can assure

you that DROWNING will not be one of them. There's

too much Cat in me for that! *Dryness!*

Shortly after i scattered MAC's ashes in the Bay,

a group of persons went for a sail near COUSIN JAC's

cottage. They cap=sized on the return and i watched

it [with binoculars] from the cottage Deck. Such a

thing for a powderised ghost to visit his favourite

relatifs! Thank G nobody came to harm so near to

shore...shallow water & hard werk, fine Masted.

Amazing as it may seem, i can't recall ever Seeing

a sun=rise on the Atlantic NOR a sun=set out on

the Pacific. Not right on the Oceans, any=way...

Plenty of both on Lakes & Rivers & Mountains but

Never the real thing on a sandy, salty Beach.

Hane used to tell everyone the Story of how she brot

a friend to the fambly vacation Lake/Island and her

girl=friend did not help @ all when they Rode around

the Island. Inevitably, someone would ask why such

a person could possibly cause a problem with Riding

around by Car or Bicycle on a damnable Island. Hane

would rise up in her chair And correct the story thus:

"NO! We didn't ride, R-I-D-E, around the island! I Rowed,

R-O-W-E-D, around it!" It was always the Perfect New

England accent those hearers had not Accounted for.

[the second part of this story Always includes Hane's

FATHER, Cap'n Jack, visiting the Girls on the Excursion

saying to his Daughter: "You know, Jane Loretta, that

you girls would travel far better if you first untied this

Dory from the Dock."] *pause 4 lafter*

Monday, June 05, 2006...And because i am so Cautious

around Water, i have no child=hood stories of being

pusht in the Crick or thrown into large bodies of the

wet schtuff without my express consent of WANTING to

be tossed into said bodies. OH! And even though i gave

away my inherited figure-skates, i believe i could still

glide across Ice as good as any Middler. Self=Taught.

ThereYaGo & Thus It Is. ^end of part one (1)^

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