Saturday, May 20, 2006


Post=Primary Posit...

Twenty-Two Thousand Republicans fail to

endorse Rick Santorum as their Senator. Or so

the headline stated in a Newspaper i didn't buy.

Such things also happen in year=off Elexions.

In a one-party system, it is called a VOTE of

NO CONFIDENCE. id est---the selected voter

admires the Slate but will not fully endorse this

one Representatif. It happens more often than

you might imagine; it even happens in the

general election! The up=shot of this particular

result is that Slick Rick will have to werk harder

in the Keystone than his millions dollar war-chest.

And that's a good thing, considering the message

that was just sent to the Local party Pirates.

Without revealing how my Vote figgered into

this anomaly, if at all...There is a profoundly

meaningful place in Democracy still for the

VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE. It keeps the

entrenchants on their toes. AND it slightly opens

the door in many Elexions for 3rd, 4th & 5th

party Candidates! Registre NOW as a Green,

Reform, Socialist, Independent or Whatever---

then use your selection as a Yea or Nay for the

persons who actually represent Your point of view.

Plus+, you can change affiliations within the year

or between Election Cycles! Early & Often^

Happy Armed Forces Day to all the brave young

men and women currently serving Inside and

Outside this country. I fervently wish for a day

when you won't have to carry rifles & rations

to any Border, anywhere. Alas--that day is still

far off. Thanks for Serving; remember the Fallen.

And speaking of taxes--i just received the last of

my small refunds. I won't be able to deposit the

Dimes until Monday & the gubment has been

using the interest for G knows what! Isn't it about

time WE called for a CONSTITUTIONAL

CONVENTION to repeal the amendment which

institutionalised war=time schpending? We'd be

far less Apt as a nation to jump into these wild

foreign Adventures if the PEOPLE spent their

Own money AND the Politicians had to come

asking for it. I'm just spit=balling, of gourse,

between my own measured actions...


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