Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Monday, December 04, 2006...

Two (2) of Every=Thing, Free and Clear.

The europeans have come and gone.

They brot me many gifts, most notably a

real computre desk that i can Compose

upon like an up=right civilised Simian.

HalleluJah! I was getting weary of writing

entries on my Austere haunches or bent

legged as a filosofical pretzel. *Crackle*

KAY & the WILD=MAN also brang me a

mid=size schtereo system which resides

in the ante-room with my Big schtereo.

i have decided to stop counting how many

radio/media Players i own; it's good enuf to

know i can program them as Multiple alarm

clox! [turn=table doesn't play 78s...TEAC

will thread any size "magnetic tape=reel"]

My VHS tape=recorder is schtill boxt, 'tho

KAY also gifted me a CARLOS SANTANA

david. I am behind my own time, always.

"That slack...He ignores the adverts even more on

SUNDAY, if that's possible." ~heard=over on Web~

Tuesday, December Fi'th, And6...

MUSIC: Bruce Hornsby cds from Kat and

one of my mini=cds on my Sister's schtereo

MOOD: Light as a free lamp from the curb

PUXXLE: haven't seen it @ all this week

WEATHRE: it's cold, dang cold & breezy

NATIONAL NEWS: editorial~i refuse to follo

the declaraxns of potential And8 candidates.

It's way too fleecing early...Please be Quiet^

INTERNATIONAL NEWS: editorial~people

are schtill mixing=in where they ought NOT.

[you know who you are^] Take a deep

breath, fix the problems in your own Town

and leaf the door=next Nation well enuf alone.

SCHPORTS: Go Gators! And othre schtuff.

TEXT: Holy crud! I've run out of things to

Say! Never mind~it's just a gap=stop until

i catch=the=up with my fellow glowers and

surreptitious adherents. Onward...



louf48 said...

You're a peein?

slacbacmac said...

Europe?  You're up?  It's the new baby=girl who's a'doin' all the pishing!
Congratulations from a schlightly southern venue>> ~Author~

sunflowerkat321 said...

You have an audio museum there me thinks.

You're listening to BRUCE?!?  That made me smile!!


slacbacmac said...

Yes, flowre=sun> my Shuffle machine is only Part of my audible
holdings...Vinyl/tape/what=have=you.  Blessings that we have ears
to hear most of it as Life goes along.  ~Author~


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