Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Who put the mess in messuage?

And why won't my appurtenances

get along with my heriditaments?

[rhetoric^] Tuesday, 25 July, 2006...

i've never had a parapet before, but

i do now. Comes in handy,too. The

Reddy Kilowatt hard=hat is out there,

getting a good airing. Electrify!

My newest cherch is Lutheran...if it

was good enuf for UnkaDonald &

AuntBelle, it's good enuf for me. Plus+,

it is walkable and they serve the

sacrament in both species. Yet~i detect

noticeable differences in the doxology.

{the ENGINEER has the Dictionary; i

already know most of the werds}

I missed @ least two (2) lettres on the

Sun=Day NYT crosswerd puxxle; but i

made up for it by meeting WILL SHORTZ

in person that very same day. He and

LIANE HANSEN of NPR were in Town

to preview "Wordplay", the movie about

crosswerd puxxles. GO see it! It's very

funny & entertaining. And you don't have

to be a verbivore to enjoy it. Editorial!

Mean=while & all=togethre--i am schtill

unpacking parts of my TimeMachine from

various boxes; i hope Nobody noticed that

things were screwed up in the werld on

account of it. SHE should be entirely

recalibrated by August the First. *hush*

^thereyago&thusitis^ ~slac~


sunflowerkat321 said...

I thought about going to see Will and Wordplay.  I like crosswords...but I'm not very good.

Now I wish I'd gone.  It would be fun to bump into you.

slacbacmac said...

Agreement & forgifness> i almost didn't go my=self, but i was cherched up
and in the Mood 4 light entertainment. I'll see you @ the shack, or at the
very next Confluence. Bring your especial pixture=taking machine...
LOVE always ~author~

deabvt said...

slacmeister missed 2 letters! What is the world coming to?


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